Yamaha and MTV India launch Yamaha MTV Road To Love

MTV and India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd is all set to bring out a new program called Yamaha MTV Road to Love.

The concept of this program is to bring together lovers who are separated due to their long distance relationship with the help of the Yamaha Fazer. Like Sir Walter Scott’s Lochinvar, the two lovers will unite but the only difference over here will be the Yamaha Fazer in place of a steed.

The lovers in question will have to surmount certain difficulties before being victorious. The program covers over 12 episodes and will feature 11 love stories and one grand finale. The program is passed on 11 couples and their stories of separation over a distance of between 200 to 255 kms in India. Social networking sites like Facebook and Skype will be the only means of communication between these lovers who cannot meet or be together on a regular basis either due to financial constraints or job opportunities.

The lovers will be using the Fazer to conquer the distance between them proving that nothing can come between love be it weather, distance or circumstances. Registration is be open for those wanting to participate in these 11 stories. Yamaha are trying to utilize the television medium for their brand strengthening and retaining market share.

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