Wunderlich BMW R1200S ‘Nicolas Petit’ Concept

Over the years concept motorcycles have always left us awestruck, while some are radical in design other well might just I say are alien.Acclaimed French designer Nicolas Petit has been inking some of the most amazing and striking works of art on two wheels. And now, offical BMW accessories provider Wunderlich, along with Petit, have come up with the latest concept creation from the Bavarian giants’ stable, the Wunderlich BMW R1200S Concept.

This concept version sports an all new semi water-cooled boxer engine; the same engine being used on the 2013 BMW R1200GS. The body is closely modeled on the DNA of the BMW HP2 sport motorcycle, complete with a single-sided swingarm, dual undertail exhausts, and Öhlins suspension. A perfectly infused mixture of the R1200GS mill in a souped up HP2 Sports body.

Apart from the jaw-dropping looks, Petit’s design sketches illustrates just how far and how radically one can push BMW Motorrrad’s new range, with a little imagination and free rein to creativity. Considering that the S1000RR and BMW HP4 are already on sale, BMW might not cast too keen an eye over these sketches but we really hope Wunderlich makes these amazing creations come to life.

Picture courtsey: Wunderlich GMBH


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