Vespa 946 wins ‘Best-in-show-award’ at EICMA 2012

Motorcycle shows are a platform to showcase technological prowess and design flair

However, it took a killer combination of the two – in the form of the new Vespa 946 – to be ranked as ‘Best-In-Class’ at the 2012 EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy.

The 946 is based on the iconic MP6 from the WWII era. Design accolades apart, the 946 is a showcase of technological strengths – a true steel monocoque chassis with aluminum accents, a 125cc four-stroke three-valve single-cylinder producing 11.1PS, and no compromise on the fuel-efficiency front with a claimed mileage of nearly 130mpg, and a full-LED headlight. Class-first features include ABS braking and ASR traction control.

The scooter’s combination of maxi-scooter features in the traditional scooter segment plus a universally-appealing design aesthetic is expected to make it yet another successful model for Vespa. Pricing will be key though, as Vespa offerings often command a premium over competing models from Japanese manufacturers.

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