UM Open Dealership in Varanasi

UM Open Dealership in Varanasi Web

UM have opened another new showroom this month, this time in Varanasi. UM are clearly keen on expanding their influence in the Indian market, this being their 23nd showroom in the country, inaugurated shortly after the Pune dealership.

The new dealership is located at Hotel Regenta, Airport Road in Byas Bagh, and is spread over 2,700 sq ft and includes a showroom and service centre. The showroom has the entire line of UM accessories on display in addition to the motorcycles. Customers can also avail the Roadside Assistance Programme (RSA) which is already active in Varanasi.

The dealership has the Renegade Sports S and Renegade Commando on sale at Rs 1.64 lakh and Rs 1.71 lakh respectively. These motorcycles also come equipped with ‘Service Alert Maintenance’ as standard. It gives the rider a heads-up about the service update.

UM fans in Varanasi could catch the Mojave edition of the Renegade Commando right at home when it is launched.

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