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Harley-Davidson announced their formal entry into India with the launch of a dozen models at the Auto Expo at Delhi
early this year in January. A couple of months down the line, I finally managed to get hold of almost the entire H-D range for a ride, an experience and much more.

Words Bunny Punia   
Photography Sanjay Raikar

XL 883R Roadster (Sportster family)
The Sportster family is considered as the first step into the world of Harley- Davidson motorcycles. This family in India consists of the XL 883L Sportster, the XL 883R Roadster, the XL 1200N Nightster and the XR 1200X. The 883s without a doubt are the most important bikes for the country due to their relatively low sticker prices. In fact, the 883L with a sub Rs 7 lakh tag has already lured thousand of enthusiasts around the country including me. This is also the reason why I decided to ride this little machine for a longer period of time. We had the 883R variant for the ride which comes with a few more features and goodies as compared to the L model and of course a slightly higher price tag. Nevertheless, its genes are pure Harley and this American icon is a modern motorcycle that proudly boasts of its heritage. The company’s 883 lineup is legendary, having turned the motorcycling world upside down when they were first introduced way back in 1957.

The 883 has a narrow frame and a raw sporty styling which looks classic and timeless. Its ergonomics are spot on for lazy laid back cruising. In fact, even at slow speeds, you don’t feel its 251kg dry weight at all. The 883, like most Harleys, comes with a 45degree V-twin motor displacing 883cc. The company doesn’t like to disclose its maximum rated power, however, international websites claim it to be anywhere between 40-50horses. Even though the 883 is not about performance, it will still do the 0-100km/h sprint in seven seconds. The bike’s true character lies in lazing around on open highways, munching up miles with your arms and legs stretched out a little. The talking point here is its 70Nm of torque. Slotted in fifth with the needle at 100km/h, there is enough juice left for overtaking maneuvers as well as playing around with fast moving cars. 150km/h is what I saw at one point of time with probably another 10-15km/h to come. However, the 883 feels at home at around the 100-110km/h. The tank holds 12.5 litres of fuel, good for around 300km of highway riding. It might be the smallest bike in the company’s portfolio, but the 883 range is unmistakably Harley including the way it rides with the characteristic vibrations and engine noise. Yours for Rs 7.50 lakh (the 883L is even cheaper at Rs 6.95 lakh), the 883R is your ticket into the world of iconic motorcycles.

XR1200X (Sportster family)

This is a sportier variant of the XR1200R which was the first Harley tuned for European riding and styling tastes. With the X, what you get is a blacked out engine casing and a matte black tail, tank and mudguards to create a more aggressive look and of course brilliant Showas (suspension). The XR1200X looks like no other Harley; it has a charm of its own. It takes time getting used to the high seating position but that in combination with the comfortable upright posture helps in giving you a commanding view of the road ahead. The bike is powered by the same 1202cc motor doing the honours on the 1200 Nightster, though with a different level of tuning. Maximum power is believed to be around 90 horses, but as is the case with most Harleys, the torque does the talking, all 100Nm of it. The bike felt pretty comfortably though the seat could have been softer. Power delivery was great. In fact, with the upright posture, I had to hang on tight during flat out acceleration in the top three cogs. The XR1200X sells for Rs 11.95 lakh – a good deal for a sporty 1200cc V-twin bike.

Super Glide Custom (Dyna family)

This is the first ever factory custom Harley. Though termed as a cruiser, the versatility of this bike surprised me no ends. It might weigh in at 310 kilos (kerb), but the ease with which the Custom handled slow moving traffic and even inside our big resort campus left me impressed. Without any kind of wind protection, the Custom managed to chew up miles easily while sitting at an indicated 110km/h with me saddled up comfortably in the broad seat, holding on the wide pulled back handlerbars. The 1584cc engine belts out 123Nm (gulp!) of torque and is pretty smooth at cruising speeds with that typical Harley twin-cylinder music from the engine.

On the design front, the simplicity of the overall composition will be appreciated by many – the twin flush caps for the tank, the simply laid out speedometer, the upside down indicators upfront, et al. In fact, the true beauty of this bike’s understated charm is its blank slate appeal. The Custom offers a great platform for anyone who likes to leap into the sea of personalizing their bike with Harley’s accessories catalog.

Fat Boy (Softail family)

This is the quintessential tough guy motorcycle and without a doubt, one of the best selling Harley-Davidson bikes ever. Arnie too rode one in The Terminator and if you are in Yankee land, chances are you will end up seeing more of these solid disc wheeled motorcycles than other models on the road. As the company’s Indian MD puts it, the Fat Boy is a timeless combination of power and style. True to its name, it weighs in at 330 kilos, but feels lighter on the move due to its low mass centralization. The 1584cc engine is mated to a six-speed ‘box and is a real pleasure. It hasn’t lost its typical Harley charm with the inclusion of the compulsory fuel injection. Like most Harleys, the well padded generous seat, pulled back bars and footboards allow for a comfortable riding posture but for serious touring, a windshield is recommend. This is where another thing comes up – the list of aftermarket add-ons for the Fat Boy requires a book of its own! If I am in the market for the most outrageous road ready custom, then this bike would sit at the top of the motorcycle chain.

Heritage Softail Classic (Softail family)

The Heritage Softail Classic remains as retro styled as it was when launched two decades ago. With only subtle changes on the design front over the years, this bike retains its old world charm, so loved by a huge chunk of Harley riders. The 21-inch spoke wheels with the white walled rubber, the retro styled leather saddles and the leather extension to the rider’s seat – this is the bike to have for those who love old schools. Beneath all that metal and leather is a modern 1584cc motor putting out an impressive 117Nm of torque at a low 3200rpm. This translates into effortless low speed cruising (so typical of a Harley, isn’t it?). Aboard this bike, you feel you are back in time and yet you get modern touches like ABS. The king sized windshield can be removed, however, I like it this way. Some may think this bike is a bit much of a throwback, but I have to admit that it’s a good looking bike all in all. It’s true what some say about the classics never going out of style, I guess. Rs 19.45 lakh is a lot of money, but certain things just seem better with age, don’t they?

Night Rod Special (V-Rod family)

This is the rock star of the entire H-D gang. It looks mean and menacing and even made me look cool while riding it. Well almost. I did have my arms and legs stretched out, but leaning ahead made me feel more comfortable as well cut through the air properly. At times, all it took were a few seconds to get from an indicated 100 to an indicated 150, thanks to the new generation sophisticated and smooth 1250cc engine that belts out 125 ponnies along with 111Nm of torque. Going from zero to hundred in fewer than four seconds with a top whack of around 225km/h, the Night Rod is unlike any other Harley. In fact, the intoxicating V-twin growl and that linear acceleration are courtesy engine design help from Porsche. For most, the Night Rod might be a difficult bike to handle around curves or in city traffic, but for me it rules the roost and for reasons. Show up on one and people don’t stop staring. For Rs 18.95 lakh you also get custom quality construction, inimitable Harley cachet and a set of wheels that is as much fun to look at as it is to ride. Period.

Road King (Touring family)

When first launched in 1994, its styling was the biggest asset for the Road King – one of the two bikes from the touring family. The bike carries a mix of retro design elements like spoke wheels, three big chrome lamps upfront, inverted indicators, et al. along with modern touches like hard panniers, technological advances for the engine, plus cruise control and ABS! Even the chassis is all-new and it shows its true colours in case you push the bike hard. It has the same 1584cc engine seen on the Softail family, though this one pumps out 127Nm of torque. In fact, I rode the Road King after riding
the XR1200 and was immensely surprised with its smoothness. I could comfortably ride this bike to its full tank range (300km+) between stops and the only snag would be the wind turbulence created by the screen for my tall height. If the likes of Elvis Presley were still alive, they would have one of these gorgeous machines parked in their Graceland garages. Like most say, it’s good to be King, though at an expensive sticker price of Rs 20.45 lakh.

Street Glide (Touring family)

The chunkier and modern of the two touring bikes, the Street Glide had me hooked the moment I swung a leg over. It might look like a Road King with an add-on bat wing type fairing, but there is a lot more to this bike. The Street Glide is the original stripped and slammed (lowered rear suspension) bagger from Harley-Davidson and is powered by the same twin cam 96 V-twin engine as on some of the other models, though it is in its torquiest form here. It performs more than well and during our early morning shoot, getting the rear to spin out was pretty easy. In fact, with the fairing, high speed cruising is better than some of the other machines here. The lowered ride height, however, limits the suspension travel and two-up, bad roads can rattle your insides pretty easily. The six pods in the speedometer console finished in white look sporty with the music system and various buttons under it increasing the functionality. The system, a Harman Kardon unit, was kept near its top volume most of the times much to other motorists’ surprise but this is the way a Harley is to be enjoyed on open Indian roads.

Ultra Classic Electra Glide (CVO family)

Prepare to be coddled. The most powerful, heaviest and comfiest bike of the whole range is the Ultra Classic Electra Glide, a bike born out of the CVO or the Custom Vehicle Operations’ family of Harley-Davidson. Harley’s entire bag of techno tricks are featured on the CVO Ultra, including a 160Watt CD/AM/FM/WB/MP3 Advanced Audio System by Harman Kardon, CB and intercom, passenger audio with controls, cruise control and standard XM Radio to name a few. If size matters with money no bar, this is the machine to have. Both the rider and the passenger sit in the plushest of accommodations and once on the move, its massive 430 kilo weight seems to vanish. In fact, while riding up to the Amer fort, I was effortlessly scraping away expensive metal from the footboards. The engine sounds sweet with an intoxicating intake growl at low revs with a surge of locomotive like torque available throughout. The CVO sits lazily at an indicated 150km/h with much in reserve to tease other smaller models of the family easily. If your idea of a road trip means ditching your business class ticket and riding to Mumbai from Delhi, the CVO is the answer even at its staggering Rs 34.95 lakh sticker price. Who says inspiring dreams is always cheap?

John McEnaney
Harley-Davidson Service Operations Area Representative, India

Favourite H-D bike in India: FXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom
Why? “It’s a no BS bike”

How different will be the maintenance of Harley-Davidson bikes in the Indian riding environment vis-à-vis the US?
Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been ridden for decades in over 70 countries spanning various terrains and weather conditions. In the U.S. itself, we have experienced and tested our motorcycles in every riding condition. To give you an instance from India, the first Founders Ride we did in the country was through torrential rain in New Delhi. Furthermore, our ride through Jaipur presented us with a different set of riding conditions – heat, varied roads and some long stops in traffic. The fantastic thing about India is that the variations and unique riding terrain make it an incredible riding destination. Our vision for our dealerships in the country will be to provide world class after sales maintenance and servicing at par with a Harley-Davidson dealership anywhere. The service teams across our dealerships in India will be trained to ensure customers enjoy every minute of ownership and have an optimum experience.

What about the performance of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in India’s harsh, i.e., hot summer months?
We’ve ridden through the pouring rain in Delhi, the summer heat in Jaipur and the stop-go traffic of Mumbai and Bangalore. Every ride has been a new experience. Over the next few months, we plan to ride across different regions in India and enjoy the thrill of riding through varying terrain and weather conditions which you cannot experience anywhere else in the world.

Anoop Prakash
Managing Director
Age: 37
Favourite H-D bike in India: FLSTF Fat Boy
Why? “A timeless combination of power and style.”

When do we see the first H-D showroom up and running and in which cities?

Bookings for Harley-Davidson motorcycles will open across India on the 20th of April, 2010 and will be taken by our dealers in Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh. We will announce dealer locations by the first week of April with all five showrooms scheduled to open by the end of summer. This year all 12 motorcycles from our Indian model line-up will be available on sale in addition to a broad selection of accessories, merchandise and apparel.

Which models have been the most popular among prospective Indian buyers till now?
We realized from the start that bringing in one or two models would not come close to meeting the craving and demand for the full Harley-Davidson experience here. Through our website,, prospective owners from all corners of the country have staked their claim to be among the first to own a 2010 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and we have seen demand across all model
families. For the city riders appreciating our heritage and classic cruiser styling, the Sportsters and Dynas seem to be on the top. For speed enthusiasts, the Night Rod Special has captured their hearts. For executives wanting the classic originals to explore greater India, the Softtails and Touring bikes reign supreme. Additionally, since we have partnered with ICICI Bank to provide loans at 11 percent interest, all riders can find their ride!

Sanjay Tripathi
Director, Marketing
Age: 37
Favourite H-D bike in India: VRSCDX Night Rod Special.
Why? “Speed, torque, stability and of course its hotrod styling!”

Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand and markets itself pretty well. Is this working in your favour in India already?
The stature Harley-Davidson enjoys is because our riders have built a bond not only with their motorcycles but with each other. The inclusiveness of the brand, the enthusiasm of the owners and the camaraderie built between the riders transcends geographical boundaries and binds them into a global HOG (Harley Owners Group) family. We have brought the pure Harley-Davidson experience to India with a range of 12 models from all five of our motorcycle families to give riders here the true look, sound and feel of our heritage, our culture and the Harley-Davidson lifestyle. Our range of MotorClothes will only add more authenticity to the complete Harley-Davidson experience in the country.

Do we see special made in India, for India ad campaigns on the Idiot box soon?
We are in the process of finalizing the right mix for our marketing campaigns and will soon roll them out to bring Harley-Davidson motorcycles closer to our riders. Our campaigns will certainly reflect the Harley-Davidson ethos and from a marketing standpoint we will continue to hold experiential events, so that riders and enthusiasts get the opportunity to really understand the lifestyle and experience.

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