StopGo now for bikes

There are several mid-level and high-end cars that come with a Start/Stop system in India.

The system automatically senses when the vehicle comes to a standstill or if the engine is idle, and subsequently switches off the car’s engine. Similarly as soon as the accelerator is engaged, the engine automatically cranks-up and you’re ready to roll again. The obvious benefit of this system is that it protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and, more importantly does what everyone desires – saving valuable money by boosting the fuel efficiency.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that India predominantly moves on two-wheels and the idea of installing a similar fuel-saving system on them would be a dream come true for millions. Specially with the rocketing gasoline prices. Several companies are working on this technology, like Mahindra 2-Wheeler which displayed the Duro DZ equipped with the Start/Stop system, making it India’s first scooter with ‘Micro Hybrid’ technology.

And now, international component supplier SFK have developed ‘StopGo’, a Start/Stop technology adapted to be used on two-wheelers. With the StopGo, SKF claims to reduces CO2 emissions by 5g per kilometre on two-wheelers. If you estimate an annual mileage of, let’s say, about 8,000 km, this equates to a reduction of almost 36 kg/ CO2 per year! Now imagine if one million motorcycles were equipped with the SKF solution, the reduction would be 36,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Besides making your bike more environment friendly, it is also said to increase the fuel efficiency by 6-8%.

The SKF ‘StopGo’ is a three-in-one integrated sensor-bearing system solution that performs a bearing function, senses speed and has a stop-start function. The unit fits into the hub of the front wheel, like a standard bearing, and is connected by a plug-and-play connector to a mating connector attached to the engine stop-start electronics. The design is a ready-to-fit unit which can be assembled easily for both OEMs and as a retrofit for a wide range of two wheelers models.

Speaking about the new product, Harsha Kadam, SKF Automotive, Two Wheeler Business Unit Director said, “The technology for SKFStopGo reaffirms our commitment towards providing sustainable solutions and helping our customers and end-users to reduce the carbon footprint. This solution for the two wheeler segment shuts off the engine when the vehicle has stopped, for example at traffic lights. It restarts the engine when the throttle is turned on”.

There hasn’t been any update yet as to the pricing or when the product will be available in the market. But be sure we’ll be the first to let you know when it does.'

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