Steelbird launch the Bang helmet

Red Bang 2

Steelbird Hi-Tech are one of the oldest manufacturers of helmets in India. The company recently launched a range of motocross helmets christened ‘Bang’.

Steelbird claim tat the Bang helmet boasts of high-end material and technologies as per international standards. The helmet sports various features such as chin ventilation, double visors portions, anti-theft ring and an array of designs and colours.

Black Bang
Shailendra Jain, Group Head-Sales & Marketing Steelbird said, “We are in the helmet industry for over five decades and already manufacturing various types of helmet as per the riders age group and requirement. Steelbird Bang is a motocross helmet which provides a unique style and satisfaction to riders. We are trend setter in industry and youth will love these motocross helmets.”

White Bang 2

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