Roland Sands Design’s custom Chieftain gets an all-black treatment

   roland-sands-custom-indian-chieftain-shows-the-beauty-of-the-dark-side-photo-gallery_5 web

Roland Sands, known for his love and passion to customise motorcycles, has exclusively designed customer Justin Amstutz’s 2015 Chieftain, giving it a completely new look.

Roland Sands Design (RSD) chopped, hacked, and took apart every nut and bolt, to build a new machine with a little extra grunt that would stand out amongst other Chieftains. The result was a masterpiece.

roland-sands-custom-indian-chieftain-shows-the-beauty-of-the-dark-side-photo-gallery_3 web

RSD used various in-house developed prototype parts to build the custom Chieftain. These include new all-black cam-covers with see-through panels, Capone prototype front and rear tyres with a Cerakote finish, a BMW S1000RR front fender, a detachable passenger seat, RSD Slant exhaust, and numerous brass accents.

roland-sands-custom-indian-chieftain-shows-the-beauty-of-the-dark-side-photo-gallery_4 web

The all-black Chieftain and the various custom-made RSD prototype parts shows the hitherto understated dark side of the Chieftain, making it stand out in a crowd.

roland-sands-custom-indian-chieftain-shows-the-beauty-of-the-dark-side-photo-gallery_1 web

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