Polaris invests USD 13 million in Brammo

The Future of EV motorcycle manufacturers like Brammo looks to be heading the right direction in terms of growth and financial stability as power-sports specialists Polaris have invested a total of USD 13 million in the 5 year old EV motorcycle firm.

This move clearly is showcasing the fact that the future is all about EVs, be it within the 4 wheel sector or the 2 wheel sector. After the recent launch of their Empulse electric sport bike, Brammo recently announced the close of the first USD13 million tranche of a total of USD 45 million funding figure which Polaris are investing.

This is certainly great for a start up manufacturer like Brammo, because the investment comes from Polaris, maker of ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and low-emission vehicles, and a household name in the power-sports world. In fact, earlier this week Cleantech nominated this particular investment deal for its EV Deal of the Year Award in 2012. We can only hope that that Brammo, with such a funding, will be churning out even more amazing motorcycles like the Empluse in the near future.

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