Personal Style gets Saif a Brutale

The actor however knows very little of what to do with it

Giovanni Castiglioni, former Ducati co-owner and current CEO of the MV Agusta group added another name to the list of admirers of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan. Highly impressed by the actor’s personal style after meeting him in a bar, Castiglioni’s little research on Saif made him believe that the apt gift for a guy of that personality would be an MV Agusta Brutale. An excellent gesture indeed, but the twist in the tale comes now as bike-handicap Khan doesn’t know what to do with the gift. Mistaking the Brutale to be the bike Hollywood actor Christian Bale rode in the movie- the Dark Knight (which was actually an MV Agusta F4), Saif wants to keep it in his house, as he assumes there is no way he can ride it fast on Mumbai roads. Admitting himself not to be much of a bike person, Saif would admit that looks can sometimes be very deceptive.

Words: Gasha Aeri


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