One love, One ride – Royal Enfield

Royal EnfieldRoyal Enfield celebrates One Ride day on the 3rd on April this year across the world, promoting the love of riding



Royal EnfieldWe have so many dates reserved for special days in a calendar year, what about a special day for the biking  enthusiasts?Well starting this year, Royal Enfield is encouraging its customers to get up and ride, take their polished steeds out of their parking lots and garages, show the chrome some sun and make it shine as well as share their stories and experiences. The first Sunday of April is being celebrated as One Ride day across the world. The roads will be brought to life with the very distinctive thump of the bike, the ride signifying brotherhood and unity.Even though everyone could have their individual ride, but in order to acknowledge all as a part of the celebration the company is encouraging Royal Enfield motorcycle owners to start their ride from a brand store/dealership or authorized service station or end at them.

Words: Raymond Raj

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