More slots on the MotoGP grid?


Plans in progress for next year


With MotoGP engines rules changing next year, many new outfits are considering the prospect of competing in the 2012 season. Some are skeptical about the 1000cc format, calling it “The end of protoype racing” while others see a reduction in running costs and a better connect to the production 1000’s. The International Road Racing Teams Association (IRTA) has received 16 new team applications for next year in accordance to the Federation Internationale De Motorcyclisme (FIM) directions. 14 out of those with a total of 21 riders have been selected for further consideration by the IRTA and Dorna (the commercial rights holder of MotoGP). The final list of teams will be declared after the Catalan Grand Prix in June. The British bike maker Norton has submitted an application to run a two rider team with a 1000cc V4 racer. Norton is in talks with the Spanish Inmotec outfit for the V4 while the technical support may come from the Autrian KTM factory. The Swiss chassis expert Suter, backed by the team Marc VDS Racing is also planning to enter MotoGP with a BMW 1000 engine embracing their chassis. The Italian Aprilia factory and Kawasaki from Japan may also consider re-entering the sport.


Words: Piyush Sonsale

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