Hungarian man builds chopper out of wood

Istvan Puskas, a Hungarian motorcycle enthusiast actually took the term ‘custom’ a little too real and spent the last two years chopping his dream chopper from you guessed it… wood.

Puskas has build this one-of-a-kind beauty almost entirely out of weather-resistant black locust wood, and not just as a showcase but as a fully functional machine. Wood isn’t the only unusual material used to create this special chopper. The handlebars and exhaust pipes are made from cow’s horns instead of chromed steel, and deer antlers has been used as decorations. A small Fiat donated the engine while a small wooden barrel serves as a gas tank.


It’s not clear whether the agricultural machine expert from Tiszaros couldn’t afford to buy himself an ordinary chopper, or if he just wanted to create something that would gain lots of attention where ever he went. Though some people might disagree with the fact about it being a fully fledged motorcycle, the level of craftsmanship that went into the building this master piece is impressive.

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