Honda unveils MSX125 Monkey Bike

The MSX125(Mini Street Xtreme 125) is quite a diminutive ride just like the Japanese marque’s retro Z-series bikes from the 1950s.

To be manufactured in Thailand, this spunky looking motorcycle will sport a 125cc four-stroke fuel-injected engine. With the seat just a touch above 30.1 inches off the ground, the new Honda Monkey is a friend to the short man or woman alike. Souped up with twelve inch wheels, a four-speed gearbox, 1.45 gallon fuel tank, and USD front forks, the MSX125 is all about fun. Available in Asteroid Black Metallic, Pearl Himalayas White, Pearl Queen Bee Yellow, and Pearl Valentine Red colour schemes this bike embodies the fact that good things also do come in small sizes.

This fun-machine is all set for its global launch come spring, but as of now markets like USA and India have been ruled out by Honda. We certainly do feel that HMSI offer the Indian consumers a 125cc motorcycle on the similar lines like the MSX125.

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