Hero’s big moment

Hero ImpulseHero MotoCorp, recently separated from its long term siamese twin, Honda, presented its new identity In London. Displaying good knowledge of the Indian people’s love for show and dance, the event was packed with celebrities from around the globe.

Big names, now synonymous with brands, like Shah Rukh Khan, Boris Becker, David Coulthard, Akon, Anusha Sharma and Irfan Pathan graced the event.


For biking fans, Hero MotoCorp launched a dual purpose bike named Hero Impulse which could be using Unicorn engine and monoshock package. Also launched was Maestro, the new gearless scooter, aimed at masculine needs. It could be based on Pleasure or Activa engine.

Both the models will be launched in India soon.

Speaking at the event, BM Munjal, chairman of the Hero Group said “So far all our good products have been credited to Honda. Now we will show the world our strength.” Hero MotoCorp also expects to achieve good sales figures to the tune of 10million units in the next five years which will partly be supported by exports to Latin America, South East Asia and Africa. Hero MotoCorp is also looking to support its new products with original research. “In five years we will have a world class R&D center. No baggage to deal with”. “The new brand identity has born out of our desire to break the shackles and realise our potential which were restricted by the nature of our JV with Honda” said the CEO.

We wish all the best to Hero MotoCorp.

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