Harley Davidson dealership opens in Kochi

The city which famous for its spice trade has another reason to get more famous now; America’s ultimate power brand Harley Davidson have set up shop there now.

We feel that now the city’s narrow roads will never be the same again. The city tracks will become fashion show runways literally, heads will turn to the legendary thumping sound of these mean machines.

The soft launch of the first-ever Harley-Davidson store in the state, Spice Coast Harley-Davidson, was held recently, and even before its stated official launch, all the machines that arrived in the first lot at the dealership have been sold out as per official sources. As many of you are aware, the on-road price range usually start from a whopping Rs 6.24 lakhs to a mind-boggling Rs 41 lakhs for the top dog of HD, a customised CVO. The stated official launch of the Spice coast HD is set to take place in some time soon.

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