First Yamaha Scooter Boutique Opens in Chennai


Yamaha Scooter Boutique inauguration WEB 1


The Yamaha Scooter Boutique will offer customers a one-stop solution to both scooters and fashion accessories, now in Chennai.

Yamaha Motor India have inaugurated their first Scooter Boutique in India in Chennai, under the banner ‘Bikerz’. The new Scooter Boutique covers an area of 3,100 sq ft, including both sales and service, providing a complete range of scooters of Yamaha available in India besides loads of other accessories and merchandise.

Yamaha have been selling scooters in India since 2012, with the vision to grow as a personal mobility brand. Their attractive line-up includes the Fascino, new Alpha (disc-brake version), Ray Z and Ray ZR, has revved countless hearts. Along with accessories, the Scooter Boutique will also display ride props, conduct safety training, and provide all kinds of support.


Yamaha Scooter Boutique inauguration WEB 2

Masaki Asano, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd, said, “Yamaha’s innovation in design and technology has contributed significantly to the modern era of motorcycling in the world. Similar engineering is also consumed to design Yamaha’s global scooter line-up which offers comfort and excitement with every ride along with stylish and sporty visual appeal. India’s expanding scooter segment, which has been defining the growth trajectory for the domestic two-

wheeler industry for quite some time, could now see a boost with more female customers. Yamaha’s Scooter Boutique, being the first of its kind in India as well as in the world, will bring out the global experience of exciting brand engagement and appropriate customer interface to let the Indian customers connect their scooter passion to the worldwide trend of scootering.”

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