Diablo SuperBiker: The Personal Data Logger

Diablo Superbiker AppNew application to make iPhone-owners happy

iPhone owners, rejoice, for Pirelli has come up with an excellent app for your mobile handset that will gather all the data you ever wanted from your Sunday morning ride. Diablo superbiker app

The leading international tyre manufacturer, in association with Apple App Store and iTunes, has developed an application called Diablo SuperBiker for the iPhone that lets you record a lot of data while you ride your

Basically, you get an option of selecting if you are riding on track or on road and accordingly gather data such as your speed, the distance travelled and even map your route on Google Maps. In case you are on track, you can obtain data such as your lap times and lean angles from the ride. What’s more, you can even record your best rides and share them on-line on FaceBook.

This funky new application is available on iTunes free of cost. Get your personal data logger today!

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