Cycling dream – SCOTT PLASMA

A cyclist who yearns of representing the tricolor around the world

There aren’t many Indians in today’s world who have the desire to represent their country on an international level, although they themselves want to be famous. The young generation just wants to follow the western culture and live like a westerner even in their own country. But sometimes, amongst the mist rises a brave soul who still wants to do something for the country and Harman Sharma is among those few individuals who have a burning desire to make the country proud.

Harman is a cyclist who has participated in many cycling events around the country. A few of those events include the Mini Olympic, the Kila Raipur, the Mumbai Cyclothon, the Pune Baramati race and the Al- Kalam cycle race (Delhi). His latest weapon of choice is the Scott Plasma 20. A bike that was developed by Scott cycles in collaboration with team HTC-Columbia, one of the most prominent names in the highly respectable Tour De France race. Harman hopes to make India proud by making it big in the world of bicycling. We wish him the very best!


Harman’s latest bike is this sleek and tech filled Scott Plasma 20 triathlon bike. Scott cycles are among the top bicycle manufacturers in the world and have a reputation for building some of the best bikes that also participate in the prestigious Tour De France. This particular model features carbon fiber body parts along with ergonomic and comfortable seating. The engineers at Scott cycles developed this bike in the wind tunnel to achieve an aerodynamic shape, hence you do not see the clutter of brake lines running down the frame or any other thing that might create drag. At just 8kg, this bike is meant for competitions and because of the technology used it is surely the bike to watch out for. All this technology doesn’t come cheap. This particular model is priced at around Rs 2 lakh (In India).

Photos: Harman Sharma

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