Continental Develops One-Channel ABS for Motorcycles


Continental is developing a one-channel anti-lock braking system for smaller motorcycles and scooters, based on its ABS technology for passenger cars. This was undertaken especially for cost-sensitive markets (including Asia), where two-wheelers are required to only feature a hydraulic brake on the front wheel. Production is slated to commence in early 2014.

The new motorcycle ABS is very light and easily adaptable, with a box volume of well under 300cc and weighing a shade over 400g. ABS control of the front wheel prevents it from locking up even during panic braking situations, and prevents a fall. The front wheel’s turning speed is constantly monitored by a wheel speed sensor and from this, the algorithms in the control unit calculate the possibility of the front wheel locking up under braking. If that is the case, the system will reduce braking pressure to prevent loss of directional stability and road holding.

The one-channel ABS is the latest addition to Continental’s portfolio of motorcycle systems in series production, which also include motorcycle integral brake systems and motorcycle anti-lock brake systems (two-channel ABS).

Speaking about the product, Murali Srinivasan, Managing Director of Continental Automotive Brake Systems India, said that the company wanted to make the one-channel ABS available to all road users and facilitate a significant safety gain for motorcycle riders, in line with their motto ‘Safety for Everyone’.

Story: Gaurav Nagpal

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