Chuck Miller’s Charity Ride

Chuck Miller a resident of Anchorage, Alaska undertook an outstanding journey which involved 49 states, covering a total of 13,000 kms in 10 days on his BMW motorcycle, to raise money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters charity in the US state.

Chuck chose the Big Brother/Big Sister charity because he was touched by the amount of hard work and dedication they used to put in their work which was catered towards kids having drug-related issues. Due to their commitment, kids in their program were 46% less likely to use drugs and 30% were more likely to finish their high school, making the life of kids a better place. On the trip he encountered a full range of conditions, from 36 degrees to extremes of 116 degrees. He carried two complete sets of gear, one for the warm weather and one for cold one. He encountered harsh terrain, heat, rain along the trip.

The trip has made a huge difference on Chuck and his charity as he has managed to raise $10,000 so far. ASRC Energy Services, an Alaskan company sponsored to him to cover all his expenses, so that what ever amount he manages to raise will all directly go to the charity.

His journey came to a stop in Mount Vernon, where he visited his parents, Carl and Georgia Miller, before heading home.

Photo Courtesy: Chuck Martin

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