Bond on a Bike

James Bond, the fictional British superspy with a ‘license to kill’, has always been noted for his fascination for gorgeous women, hi-tech gadgets and exotic cars.

Now, the grapevine has it that the next installment of James Bond movies, named Skyfall and staring Daniel Craig, will also be featuring a bike prominently in many scenes. The 44 year old British actor’s two wheel companion is a Honda CRF250R motorcycle which has been specially modified for the action sequences in the movie.

Speaking to reporters, Fiona Cole, Corporate communications manager at Honda states, “We like to try and do things differently at Honda, including finding innovative, yet relevant ways to showcase our diverse products, whilst also really engaging with our customers and It’s great to not only have Honda machines chosen as the choice of James Bond, but also to be working with such a longstanding film franchise.”

Skyfall is stated to hit theaters on the 2nd of November in India.

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