BMW unveils i Pedelec bicycle concept

You’ve heard of BMW sedans, sportscars and motorcycles, but how about an electric bicycle sporting the revered blue propeller logo?

Allow us to introduce the BMW i Pedelec concept then. Mr. Ian Robertson head of marketing and sales, BMW, presented the new i Pedelec folding pedal-electric bike at the launch of the first iStore on July 25 on South Park lane in London. Apparently, the company plans to launch around 200 i Pedelec electric scooters in London this summer as part of its fleet for the 2012 Olympic games.


The three-speed 42-volt electric hub motor of the bike’s 16-inch rear wheel will only provide motor-assist up to 25 km/h, after which you will have to pedal on your own. The motor delivers 20Nm of torque and can feed some juice back to the battery during braking or when riding downhill. The i Pedelec’s lithium-manganese battery pack is said to offer between 25-40 km per charge, depending on usage of rider. The bike is said to weigh less than 20 kg, due to the lightweight and strong aluminum & carbon fiber frame. It reportedly takes four hours for a full recharge. BMW says that its green commute solution doesn’t need to be insured or registered, and the rider is not required to obtain a license or wear a helmet.

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