BMW unveils C evolution electric scooter

BMW Motorrad has been busy perfecting an electric scooter for a long time now.

The company has now unveiled a new “near-production” electric scooter: the BMW C evolution. The scooter boasts of a range of 100 km on one full charge. The C evolution scooter can reach a 70 percent charge after approximately thirty minutes spent plugged in. BMW claims that the C evolution has outstanding performance for an e-scooter, with a low center of gravity and the instant high-torque nature of the electric motor both combining to make the vehicle more than a match for the current crop of maxi scooters sporting a capacity in excess of 600 cc. The C evolution’s motor churns out 11 kW continuous output and 35 kW peak output and achieves its 100 km range from a 8 kWh battery. The generator function of the alternator creates drag torque, resulting in the familiar engine brake that takes effect when reducing the accelerator on a normal fuel two-wheeler. The C evolution further performs energy recuperation when braking by converting kinetic energy into electrical energy in order to charge the battery.

There’s no news yet as to when we can expect the C evolution electric scooter to hit the market, nor the price it will command once it appears and even if it will come to India. However, BMW is currently undertaking trials of the C evolution in London, presumably with a view to beginning a wider manufacturing process relatively soon.

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