Ben Spies set to part ways with Yamaha

Team Yamaha rider Ben Spies has dropped a bombshell by revealing that he will leave Yamaha after the conclusion of the current season.

The former AMA and WSBK champion tweeted,”u can say next year will be a bit diff I’d say. Excited at all prospects stay tuned.”, sending the twitter-sphere went into a frenzy. Spies’ future has always been the talk of the town in MotoGP circles with less than par performances through the first half of the current season, it is increasingly becoming quite possible that we may see Spies ply his trade elsewhere.

Spies’ Twitter feed which was earlier on Tuesday had a link to an article on Superbike Planet. The article clearly stated that Ben Spies has mentioned that he won’t be a part of Yamaha at the end of the current season. The American rider recently tweeted, ‘I’m extremely happy to push for the rest of the season to my fans and myself, next year starts a new chapter. And yes I’m pumped!’

Rumor-mongers are said to believe that Valentino Rossi might reunite with Yamaha and Spies could take his place at Ducati. All we can say is that these are just plain rumors, and as of now we just have to play the waiting game.

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