Art of the machine


Have you ever wondered how a custom machine comes into existence? If not then be ready to get mesmerized as Roland Sands Design (RSD) showcases their ‘Art of the Machine’ video. This video is unlike any motorcycle video you have seen before, it is a bit different from the usual fare you find in the motorcycle industry, even for the exceptionally creative type at RSD.

Using a kaleidoscope treatment on a series of fabrication and riding clips, the short film has an eerily dark and deep feel to it. The theme of this video is all about the love of crafting exquisite motorcycles and you don’t have to be a fan of RSD’s work in order to become enthralled by the spellbinding visuals and audio of this clip.

EPIC! Is the term I would use to describe this video and if you are not quite sure why I like it, well then see it for yourself:

– Sayem Parvez Syed


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