A Timeless Beauty

1928 Windhoff up for auction at Bonhams

In the rarefied world of vintage motorcycle collectors, most vintage motorcycles worth more than $100,000 are pretty well known. Windhoff, however, is a notable exception. Nevertheless, Windhoff produced some of the most stunning machines of their time during the pre-war days. This particular 1928 Windhoff 746cc Four motorcycle is up for auction again on 29 Apr 2012 at Stafford Bonhams. The estimated price for the current sale is around the $160,000 to $210,000USD mark, but chances of finding another one like finding a needle in a hay sack.

Windhoff was a German company based in Berlin, founded in 1880 by the Windhoff brothers who initially were radiator manufacturers. Windhoff produced motorcycles that were not just an average design or engineering. These motorcycles were original, well balanced and mechanically as beautiful as some of the best motorcycles of their time. The Windhoff Four was loaded with innovation – it had no frame, the huge engine was the frame in which was attached the front-wheel fork. The rear wheel was also attached to four fully chromed shafts emanating from the engine, which ran horizontally to the drive shaft, giving the entire unit a great architectural balance.

The unit was renowned for it’s smoothness and flexibility, enabling the Windhoff to be ridden at the speeds as low as 10kmph without snatching. In 1928, a Windhoff machine set the world speed and endurance record on the Opel Race track during the annual Opel 24 hour race.

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