2014 Yamaha Star Raider

Yamaha are as well known for their cruiser as they are for their sports and off-road motorcycles. The Japanese marque’s latest offering to the global market is the 2014 Star Raider cruiser. The first official pictures of this cruiser were showcased by the officials of Yamaha recently. The 2014 Star Raider looks the part of a custom bike like the ones we usually see in Discovery’s Biker Build-Off. Sporting shiny chrome-details, laid-back cruiser stance and souped-up by big-rake fork and classic lines, the Star Raider is the perfect eye candy for cruiser lovers and biking enthusiasts alike.

The Star Raider houses a beastly new 1854cc V-twin engine. Yamaha officials have claimed that this new mill is capable of producing humongous power and oodles of torque, although other technical aspects and figures have been kept under wraps till further notice. The cast 5-spoke wheels are a great match for the aluminium frame and the 21″ front wheel looks even nicer with the 46mm forks and generous fender. Full disc brakes help riders tame the 2014 Star Raider for a reassuring experience.

Yamaha have stated that the Star Raider will be available in the US and UK markets for a base price of $14,990 (INR 8.76 lakh) come July-end, while Yamaha will be planning to get it to other global markets shortly. For those of you who like the custom look but are not exactly the wrench-master, the 2014 Star Raider may be just the perfect way to go and we certainly do hope that Yamaha India get this amazing piece on two-wheels onto our shores pretty soon.

Story: Sayem Syed

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