Zero Motorcycle launches iOS and Android app for its electric bikes

The line between motorcycles and cars is rapidly blurring, thanks to a little help from cutting-edge science. Zero Motorcycles, one of the world’s leading innovators in electric bikes, have recently launched an iOS/Android app which will help customers eke out a little more juice from their futuristic green steeds.

If you own a Zero bike, the app connects to it via Bluetooth, thus enabling you to check its performance, see how much charge is left, and track other data and stats in a dashboard setting. Moreover, this app will show you how much power you have left and how much time it’ll take you to recharge. Those are really simple things, but they’re things you don’t want to have a question about. Then it goes further with a dashboard mode where you see all your stats like watts/hour, cost/km, and how much money you’re saving on precious fossil fuels. You can change to different modes like your top speed and acceleration, and if you have any breakdowns, you can report them to a technician.

Now, considering how much of a niche product electric bikes still are, and how even more niche Zero Motorcycles is, why are we featuring this app? Well, it might be a small step in itself but the app is a precursor of things to come soon in the two-wheeled world. Pretty soon, interactive technologies like this will be commonplace in high end conventional bikes, which will then surely percolate down to your-and-my office commuter. Until then, we can always download the app and fiddle with it, right?

Zero Motorcycle App Zero Motorcycle App 2 Zero Motorcycle App 3 Zero Motorcycle App 4

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