Washing your bike

In India it’s almost become a norm to have your watchman or gardener wash your bike/scooter for you every morning. This is actually more harmful for your motorcycle and reduces the lifespan of both the paint and the mechanical parts of the motorcycle. So instead show some TLC for your faithful companion. To help you out we’ve ironed out the myths and given you a few tips as well.Washing3

  1. Park the bike in the shade and let the engine cool down before you start washing. If the engine is hot and you pour water on it, you’ll ruin your engine.
  2. Using a high pressure washer, gently hose down all the dirt and grime from the bike. This will allow for a kind of “pre-soak” to loosen and dislodge foreign particles.
  3. Use a cleaning solution made specifically for motorcycles or cars. Using other cleaning agents can cause problems with discolouring the finish or even damage the chrome.
  4. Next mix the cleaning solution in a bucket of warm water and using a sponge start scrubbing in a circular motion. The soapy water acts as a lubricant and does not scratch the paint.Washing1
  5. Rinse the soapy residue off with a gentle stream of water and make sure no soap is left on the bike. Also make sure you spray the underneath of the bike with water, as these parts gather the most dirt.
  6. Use a chamois cloth or any soft cloth to wipe off the moisture from the paint. This will keep the finish from getting scratched, and prevent water streaks and spots on the paint.
  7. To keep the tyre of your bike clean and looking new, use a tyre cleaner. Do not use any regular soap or shampoo. When cleaning the tyres of a bike, use a nylon bristle brush to get the dirt out from the treads.
  8. Spray the whole tyre with the cleaning foam and let it sit for some time. The foam will evaporate on its own and the bikes tyre will look spanking new.



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