Shark launch the SKWAL helmet


French helmet manufacturer, Shark has announced its latest offering in the form of the SKWAL helmet. The helmet features an aerodynamic contour and an Autoseal visor system that employs a spring loaded visor to ensure minimal noise and also keeps out water during the monsoon. The most striking new feature on this helmet though is the slew of LEDs that have been mounted on the chin, forehead and on both sides of the rear spoiler. The yellow/green LEDs can be set on constantly or in blink mode, and have a battery life of 5 hours and 8 hours in each mode respectively. The Shark SKWAL weighs 1.47 kg and is compatible with Shark’s Bluetooth unit- SharkTooth.


The SKWAL is available in UK at a price of Rs 17,500 (approx.) for glossy finish and Rs 18,500 (approx.) for the matte finish version. Shark have even posted a video demonstrating the qualities of the helmet, and you can watch it right here:

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