Royal Enfield Continental GT Long Term Review


Royal Enfield Continental GT Long Term Review WEB 1

A cafe racer is far from practical for daily commuting.

Café racers are built as an ode to an era gone by and are reminiscent of everything an old-school biker loves. I have been using the Continental GT for over two months now. It has seen the worst traffic conditions and the freedom of the ghats on occasion. With ample torque and an impressive power band, it rarely feels out of breath or incompetent. However, get too excited while taking a corner and it does rudely remind you that it is not meant to be treated with such disregard. While the pillion seat is something I chose to do away with, the motorcycle does make up for it with sheer road presence. There is rarely a day when I don’t get a compliment about the motorcycle and the way it sounds. Of course, be prepared to lose a few bolts here and there. It is a Royal Enfield, after all.


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