One-wheel Ride

These bikes do not have a headlamp. They have an awkward looking iron bar extending from the rear seat. They are generally covered with thousands of stickers and they tend to sound like the loudest factories in the locality.

Though they are registered as two-wheelers, the riders prefer to go on a ‘One-wheel Ride’. organised the second annual motorcycle stunt show in Kurseong, West Bengal, on December 26, 2010. The ‘One-wheel Ride’ is one of the most awaited stunt shows in the hills of West Bengal and Sikkim.

The show had some of the finest stunters from Kurseong like Wang, Rohin, Prawesh, Ananta and Kunal. They were representing the Kurseong xKmph stunting community. The team performed some excellent stunts and tricks that were lustily cheered by the crowd. The major attraction of the show turned out to be the official stunters of xKmph, Milan Pradhan and Monu. The duo kept the audience on their feet as they carried on with breathtaking stunts one after the other. Wheelies, stoppies, rolling stoppies, one-hander stoppies, high chairs, human compass and donuts, all came quite easily from the duo.

With proper gear and protection we had a super fun session of volunteers to ride as the stunters’ pillion as they performed stoppies and wheelies. Both of them used several bikes from different makers and performed some adventurous stunts even with multiple pillion riders.

One of the additions to this year’s show was the inclusion of ‘’ members. was launched in mid-2010 as a sister Website of It is aimed at bringing a greener lifestyle into existence by promoting the use of bicycles. One-wheel Ride was a good opportunity to showcase the hidden talent of this community. Three cyclists from performed beside the biking stunters. Dhiraj, Rana and Sunny performed everything that our bikers had performed on the motorised variants.

The message that everyone carries at xKmph is quite simple, be it stunters, tourers or even pillions: ‘Ride hard, ride safe and always wear a helmet’.

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