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Harison Motors launches ‘Funty’ ATVs in India


An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), in simple words is the fusion of an automobile and a motorcycle. It runs on four wheels, has a saddle like that on a motorcycle and is given direction by a handlebar. These are recreational vehicles primarily used on off-road surfaces. Harison Motors (HMPL), an Indian-overseas joint venture has launched a range of ATVs in India, under the brand name ‘Funty’. The Funty family currently has four models with engine capacities ranging from 50 to 200cc which will be available in western India initially, imported as CBUs. However, HMPL is setting up an assembly plant in Maharashtra which will start rolling out 15,000 ATVs by March 2012. Apart from ATVs, HMPL also plans to launch motorcycles and scooters in the Indian market, which will be mass produced at their plant along with the ATVs from next year. The first exclusive showroom of the Funty will be operational by June end in Satara, Maharashtra. The Funty range is priced between Rs One to Three lakhs and needs no driving licence or R.T.O registration.

Words: Piyush Sonsale

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