Mahindra Release Book About Mojo

Mahindra Release Book About Mojo Web

“MOJO – Born for the Road” is the title of the book that Mahindra have released to celebrate the success of their flagship motorcycle, the Mojo. Mahindra have been happy with the Mojo’s performance in the Indian market for quite some time now and to celebrate they have come with a book that encompasses the Mojo story right from its inception until now.

The book is a testament to the adventures of the Mojo owners (popularly known as the ‘Mojo Tribesmen’) including the variety of rides organised by Mahindra, such as, the Mountain Trail, Desert Trail, Jungle Trail and Coastal Trail.

Naveen Malhotra, Head of sales, Marketing and Product Planning at Mahindra Two Wheelers, said “We have been following a unique and unconventional marketing approach for the MOJO. For us, the consumer is at the center of this strategy and we have consistently been trying to create a biking culture under the platform of MOJO Tribe. It gives me immense pleasure to see the MOJO Tribe spread across multiple cities actively living the brand promise through organic rides or participating in our Mega Trails like Mountain, Dessert, Costal & Jungle Trail. This book is dedicated to the MOJO owners who are the true ambassadors of the brand whose passion is taking the brand to great heights.”

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