Lightning Motorcycles celebrate Earth Day

Lightning, the creators of one of the world’s fastest electric motorcycles, celebrated Earth Day at Google’s headquarters in USA on April 19th 2013, taking part in the latter’s 2-wheeled electric vehicle demo. As part of their demonstration drive, Lightning showcased their record-setting superbikes along with other offerings like e-scooters. The event drew almost 2000+ Google employees and, to make this event even more exciting, many of the employes also got a chance to test ride the superbikes.

While many posed only for pictures many of the employees were seen exchanging thoughts about the motorcycles and scooters with the officials of Lightning. A few also gave their inputs on how the bikes could be made even better. This initiative was carried by Lightning Motorcycles in association with Google in an effort for promoting a cleaner environment and to throw light upon climate changes and utilization of alternative energy sources like electricity.

Story: Sayem Syed

Lightning web Lightning web1

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