LifeBEAM Technologies’ bike helmet monitors wearer’s heart rate

Most of the serious cyclists I know like to check their heart rate while riding but don’t enjoy having to strap a heart monitor to their chest. An Israeli company LifeBEAM Technologies Ltd. recognized the need of their fellow cyclists and – adapting some of the company’s existing aerospace technology – have created a heart rate-monitoring SMART bicycle helmet. The helmet will have a miniaturized sweat-resistant optical sensor by the name of Quantum, mounted on the inside front of the helmet, which is in contact with the user’s forehead. That sensor is able to measure the wearer’s pulse, and transmits the raw data to a processing unit in the back of the helmet. The unit contains a 3-axis accelerometer, which it utilises to distinguish between the heart rate data and artifacts caused by movement. The processed data is then transmitted by Bluetooth 4.0 to the cyclist’s smartphone where it is displayed in real time on the device’s screen. The sensor and processing unit will run for at least 15 hours on one charge.

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