Knee Downs


Do you get you knee down while cornering? 

In MotoGP the riders not only scrape knees, but sometimes elbows and soon it will be helmets as well. I know I want to do it as well and I have tried and in the bargain scraped everything else along with my knee.

Knee downs look great in a video and pictures, it adds style to ones riding and gets the chicks go all gaga as well. But where does one practice?

I go regularly for short weekend rides and I have noticed people trying really hard to get their knee down on public roads. It is good to see the enthusiasm, but that’s not the place to show it, it is putting your and others life at risk.


Riding on the ghats does give the opportunity to try, but you can never be sure what is round the corner and the result can be horrifying. This is one of the reasons I am apprenhsive to ride on the ghats on weekends.

In India access to race tracks and country roads is not that easy, so the next option is public roads. These roads do not offer any room for error, you overshoot a turn either you ride off the cliff of end up under another vehicle. So why try at all.

The thought is scary but there are a lot of ballzy riders going at it. Also most riders watch and learn, there is no actual training, so it is quite risky as well.

If you really want to get it right join a riding school maybe something like CSS , where there are trained professionals who teach you how to race and it happens on a track.

So be safe do not try this on public roads.



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