Honda unveil True Adventure prototype at EICMA

True_Adventure_Prototype (3)

Off-road fanatics have been praying fervently for the launch of the Honda Africa Twin, but instead, what Honda has pulled straight out of its mucky testing grounds is the “True Adventure” prototype.

The bike in question features a parallel-twin which is expected to be powered by a 1000cc power mill. Other components of the bike like the dual disc front brakes also seem to be tuned for a litre-class bike. More intriguing is the missing clutch lever and the gear shift lever. Whether this is an error from Honda’s end or hints of a brand new transmission system remains unanswered. Although, it wouldn’t be stretch to expect rider aids like traction control, ABS and cruise control  to be found on any potential production iteration of this sports tourer.

Story:  Aniruddha Mulgund

True_Adventure_Prototype (1)


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