Engine oils from ESCORTS

Escorts Limited, manufacturer of auto suspension products, has launched a range of engine oils for cars as well as motorcycles. Based on German additives, ‘ESCORTS TRU-GUARD’ is said to offer longer engine life, better fuel efficiency and lower emission levels. According to the press release the product resists oil thickening, prevents carbon-build-up in the engine and protects the engine from rust and corrosion thereby ensuring improved engine performance at low maintenance cost. Escorts Limited has also introduced a multi-purpose grease and telescopic front fork oil.

To encourage sales, the company has announced a special value-based introductory incentive scheme under which customers can participate in lucky draws and win fabulous prizes ranging from Honda UNICORN, Yamaha FRAZER, international trips, Sony LCDs, Philips Home Theatres…to even a Tata Nano car.  

The product is available across Escorts’ distribution network of over 700 dealerships and 1200 retail sales & service outlets. Available in one liter packs, ‘ESCORTS TRU-GUARD’ is priced at Rs.240 per litre, Rs.230 per litre and Rs.235 per litre for diesel engine oil, petrol car engine oil and motor cycle engine oil respectively.


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