Ducati and Pirelli join hands for special edition SC-Rumble Scrambler

1010392_210515duc_SC-Rumble_1WEBDucati and Pirelli have announced a special edition SC-Rumble of the Scrambler which will be designed by Vibrazioni Art Design.The two Italian companies have taken their supplier-manufacturer relationship to the next level by collaborating for the SC-Rumble edition which will feature aesthetic upgrades keeping the Pirelli Pirelli MT 60 RS cues in mind. The aesthetics of the said bike will be designed by Vibrazioni Art Design and will feature laser-inscribed tread design of the factory tyres on nitride rubber and the Scrambler logo on the two sides of the tank. The one-off bike has a shortened sub-frame to complement the monocoque frame, which is made from recycled sheet-metal of industrial bins. These have been carefully hand-hammered to the original shape and colours. The bike has borrowed its handlebars from the Streetfighter and features headlamps made of billet aluminium. A customised rear-shock absorber also finds way on the SC-Rumble. The exhaust is based on the widely popular Termignonis and is handcrafted.

This gorgeous piece of machinery will be unveiled at the London Bike Shed, following a ride from London to Biarritz, France where it will participate in the “Wheels and Waves” show between 11 and 14 June.




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