Bienville Legacy to début at Goodwood Festival of Speed

1013122_Bienville Legacy Static 1WEB

The wizards and black magicians of motorcycling at Bienville Studios in New Orleans have built the Bienville Legacy. Now we wouldn’t be surprised if you exclaimed, “What in the name of God is that?” Because you should! And the answer to that awe-inspired question is 300-PS of gut-wrenching power from a supercharged 1650-cc Motus V4 engine. Designed by J T Nesbitt, the Legacy has been in development for over three years and features an all-new suspension design that employs a single composite leaf-spring that bolts on to the engine. The design allows for a rake and trail adjustment – a first for a production motorcycle. Add to this engineering finesse the exquisite mix of titanium, carbon-fibre, leather, and mahogany and there you have the Bienville Legacy.

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The Legacy will blister down the 1.16-mile (1.86-km) hill-climb at the Goodwood estate, piloted by Jim Jacoby and Scott Miller, who founded the ADMCi Foundation which has supported the Legacy project since inception. And, if we still haven’t answered your question, here is the video for you:

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