Yamaha V-Max Hyper Modified project

Even in stock form, the Yamaha V-Max is one of the most devilishly ferocious and outlandish motorcycle – both visually and performance-wise – to ever roll out from an established bike manufacturer.

So, what happens when you hand three examples of this mean machine to three of the world’s foremost custom builders, renowned for creating rolling works of art, give them a blank cheque and ask them to literally give free rein to their imagination?

That’s exactly what Yamaha did when they teamed up with Marcus Walz, Ludovic Lazareth and Roland Sandsto create three special V-Max ‘Hyper Modified’ special editions.

The formula was quite simple; take the world’s 3 most exciting bike building brains with tools of imagination, mettle and metal to transform an icon into something so beastly that even the likes of the muscle cars are put to the test. Walz with his creation themed ‘Hardcore V-max to the core’, Lazareth with his creation themed ‘Brain and Brawn – supercharged’ and Sands with his lean-mean machine is all about going faster. All the 3 creations has set loose the powerful brutality of the V-Max into a new class of ‘Hyper Modified’.

Hit the link below for all the dope on this amazing project:



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