Vietnamese man builds Batpod replica from scrap

I won’t deny, ever since I saw Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, I have been in love!

Yes, people, in love with the Batpod, and since that day I have been literally dreaming about getting on top of the Batpod, putting on my cape and zooming on the streets like my ultimate superhero, saving the world from baddies.

But here’s is the deal, people. It takes a serious Batman fan to build a replica of any of the Dark Knight’s vehicles, and it becomes all the more impressive when they build them from junk. As is this case, the Batpod replica motorcycle. It not only looks amazing, but this is a fully functional hand-built Dark Knight Batpod. It has been made from scrap metal parts by Vietnam’s Tùng Lâm.

At first glance you would feel that the dude’s an mamzingly talented craftsman, and it might have easily earned him quite a fortune to build it. But, believe it or not, it cost him a mere USD 480, that’s a lot less than what the actual Batman a.ka. Bruce Wayne paid for his BatPod replica, a whooping USD 100,000.

Tùng’s video has been going viral on Youtube, which shows him tearing up the streets on his Batpod replica and just generally feeling good and being Vietnam’s own superhero. For more about the full functionality about the vehicle you can click the link below:

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