The Nürburgring goes on sale

The famous Nürburgring racetrack cum public road is on sale and the administrators for the bankrupt circuit are currently considering offers for the facility.Bidders will initially have to submit an “expression of interest” and prove they’re capable to paying. They’ll then be allowed time to undertake due diligence on the circuit and its facilities before making a binding offer in the autumn. The sale, managed by KPMG, is likely to be finalised by next year.

The 937-acre site, including hotels, the original Nordschleife circuit and the shorter ‘new’ Nürburgring track, could be sold to a single buyer or split among several purchasers. The price is expected to be at least €120 million and could go much higher. Potential buyers include automobile manufacturers interested in the circuit as a test facility. However, this year’s events aren’t expected to be affected. Whoever does buy the track is also likely to be subject to forthcoming local legislation that will force them to keep the track open to the public.

Source: Visordown

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