The Indian Gorilla V4 custom bike

In the world of motorcycles, custom choppers have always had a very special niche, with their beauty, power and exclusivity.

And where some designs are awesome, others are simply down right bad-ass. This one is no exception – it showcases just to what extent a master designer can go to create his work of art.

Vasilatos Ianis has been designing works of art like these for nearly two decades. He loves vehicle design and has the incredible ability to create amazing vehicle concepts which particularly focus on the wheels, and the possibilities that lie within, to make them both striking and absolutely functional. The Indian Gorilla V4 is a concept which has been incorporated with Indian motorcycles, one of the most iconic brands in the world and features a hubless design.

The ideology behind the master piece is the integration of technology taken from the rich history of Indian motorcycles and the futuristic approach of hubless design. The bike is a combination of a muscular bike with delicate detailing which incorporates a retro styled instrumentation panel, ventilation grilles and numbered cylinders. The motorcycle is powered by a massive V4 engine. Big exhaust pipes, sporty riding position, 32 inch tires, large amount of chrome parts and external tubular frame structure, all combine to make this bad boy a dream bike for enthusiasts.

For more information on Vasilatos Ianis’ Indian Gorilla V4 concept, check out the July 2012 issue of Bike India, on stands soon.

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