The Diavel gets more meaner

The Ducati Diavel (‘Devil’ in Italian) is one of the most beastly-looking motorcycles in the world.

And now, the Italian manufacturer have unveiled the Diavel Cromo, perhaps the most mean looking Diavel ever. The all new Cromo features a chromium-plated fuel and an all black finish, while the exhaust have been given the chrome treatment too, making it a sinister-looking machine. The overall motorcycle has just undergone cosmetic changes as the bike utilizes the same 1198cc Testastretta engine with a max output of 164PS of power delivered at 9500 rpm. This new version of the Cromo Diavel is all-out wickedness in its true avatar. Well if the all black treatment of the Diavel was not enough too make your jaw drop, you better think twice about the Cromo.


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