Suzuki’s Next Offering For India?

The latest Japanese brand to introduce a brand-new 250-cc motorcycle internationally is Suzuki.

Now this could be construed both as bad news or good, depending upon which side of the globe you inhabit. The bad news is that the company’s Indian arm is still tight-lipped about their 250-cc plans despite a growing threat from the new performance Turks like KTM, Honda, Bajaj and, apparently, Yamaha too. However, the good news is that the bike fits our requirements perfectly well and some of the international automobile journalists have already shared their first impression of this bike. Here’s what we know about the Suzuki Inazuma.

Shown last year, the Suzuki Inazuma is scheduled for an entry into the British showrooms in September this year with a price-tag of approximately Rs 3 lakh (OTR, UK). Before you raise your eyebrows in astonishment, let us add that currently the bike is being made in China and that when it comes to India, it will be highly localised, thus bringing down the price considerably. Rest assured that the build quality and finish of this bike would be on par with international standards.

Suzuki claim that this twin-cylinder, 250-cc motorcycle draws its design cues from its elder sibling, the B-King. However, the Inazuma is much smaller in size and looks more like a commuter than the buck-wild monster that is the B-King, and the convex headlight design reminds us of the long forgotten Yamaha Libero. We expect the engine to produce approximately 28 PS of peak power, which might not be close to the 33 horses of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, but Suzuki’s engineers have deliberately done so to improve the bike’s maximum torque, using the parallel twin’s surprisingly long stroke. This would offer a strong mid-range, making the Inazuma very easy to ride. Featuring a very slick six-speed gearbox, the bike is sure to have pure-Suzuki levels of refinement.

Moreover, the 780-mm seat height and narrow fuel tank make this 250-cc Jap ideally suited for Indian customers. The company claims a fuel efficiency of 30 km per litre for international markets, which might (will) get enhanced further for India, by more engine whizbangery and tuning. The arrival of this Suzuki in India is certain, but ‘when’ still remains a question.

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