Suomy Apex Helmet

The Suomy Apex helmet has been designed for maximum internal comfort, reliability and rider safety. Its aerodynamic shell has carefully placed channels to direct the air flow from the front to the back. These channels also reduce aerodynamic turbulence, thereby reducing the internal noise. The ventilation system has been designed in such a manner that the lid remains in place even at high speeds. The price range begins at Rs 15,000.

2. Shark RSI Carbon Helmet
The RSI is the second top-of-the-line lid from the French manufacturer and this one has all the features of the regular RSI, which include unique air intakes, excellent aerodynamic shape of the shell and a comfortable inner lining. The shell of this lid, however, is made from a combination of carbon and aramid, which provides superior strength and light weight. The prices start at Rs 25,000..
3. Arai Chaser V
The new Chaser V from the leading motorcycle helmet manufacturer, Arai, is a continuation of the popular Chaser series. The shell of this new lid is made from super fibre laminate and has a wider aperture for improved vision. The inner lining and ventilation system have also been modified to provide better comfort. The prices range begins at Rs 25,800 and goes up to Rs 30,000 for replica versions.
4. The Superbike Redefined by Marc Cook
The Ducati 1098 and 1198 have been receiving good reviews and applause from the world media and Ducati enthusiasts. These bikes have done very well even on the sales charts and now, to commemorate the excellence of these two machines, David Bull Publication has published a book, written by Marc Cook, which explains the development, design, engineering and various aspects of these two machines in depth. The price is Rs 1,825 (excluding shipping).
5. Nike and TomTom GPS watch
Nike, the famous sportswear producer, and TomTom, the well-known navigation device maker, have collaborated to bring you this unique GPS watch. This watch has a tap interface with only three buttons on the side. It shows the runner the time, distance, pace and calories burned. The GPS works with a sensor located in the shoe, which gives the runner accurate pace and distance data. This new watch is yet to appear in the stores.

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