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Mahindra’s debutant scooter in the market, the Duro is an ideal vehicle for city riding
Words: Ravi Chandnani  Photography Sanjay Raikar

Mahindra and Mahindra are well known for their tractors and commercial vehicles that roam desi roads. They are also famous for their SUVs, however, the two-wheeled segment is an entirely new field for the firm. In their initial innings, the company has launched two new scoots – the Rodeo and the Duro. The first offering is for the fun loving rider whereas the latter scoot is for the serious and no-nonsense types.

What is Duro?
Well, the Duro is a scooter with an attitude that commands respect on the road. It is aimed at men and women who prefer to ride around the city doing some serious stuff like going to the office, dropping kids to school, grocery shopping and similar tasks. In today’s world we notice a lot of scooters with similar designs and specifications, however, the Duro is not like the ordinary models. It features a 125cc engine with a comfortable seat, an easy to read console, ample storage capacity and enough power to leave the 100cc scoots behind. This scoot retails at around Rs 43,477 (OTR, Pune) making it cheaper than the competition.

Underneath the contemporary design, the Duro is powered by a 125cc mill with quite a good amount of power. Taking a closer look at the details you realize that the proportions are well in order and nothing seems to be out of place. The neat front end with vertically mounted blinkers appears quite decent. The subtle layout of the front is evidence of the no-nonsense image of the scooter. This subtleness is also quite evident in the analogue console that features a speedometer and a fuel gauge. Continuing towards the rear, one can notice the flowing construction of the foot board that merges quite well with the rear body panels. However, the overall quality of plastics is satisfactory and nothing great. A huge seat with a stylish body colored grab rail is comfy and can accommodate riders with a fat bottom quite easily. Ample leg space up front means that you can ride comfortably in the city without worrying much about a leg ache. However, tall riders might find it a bit uncomfortable as the handlebars may touch the knee while negotiating turns and U-bends from a standstill because of the lowered position. The rear end is attractive with a huge tail lamp that has integrated blinkers. Storage is in abundance on the Duro as it has a front storage box for accommodating your knickknacks like gloves, scarves or documents and the under seat storage space can gobble up a full size helmet with a little bit of space to spare. The Duro is available in six different shades and has minimal use of stickers to keep the scoot looking decent and subtle.

The powerful and torquey engine is quite smooth

The smart front storage space is ideal for small items like gloves or documents

How does it handle?
Acceleration is good with ample power flowing to the rear wheel when you wring the throttle. Being majorly dedicated to city riding, the Duro handles traffic without any hassles. The 125cc engine develops 8PS of power and 9Nm of torque which is more than enough for negotiating crowded streets and tight spots on the road. The powerful and torquey engine helps when negotiating steep inclines like the ones in parking lots and flyovers with very less stress on the engine. Performance is quite good as the scooter can reach a true top speed of 87km/h and does the 0-60km/h run in 12.5sec. With this kind of power you can load up the footboard with goods and the Duro’s engine will run smoothly without a protest.

The powerful motor starts pulling quite nicely right from the start even with a lightweight pillion on board. The suspension is nice and balanced as it absorbs road undulations without letting the rider know much about it. However, it may rock you when you hit a big pothole or a ditch. City riding demands sudden acceleration with constant braking so having good brakes becomes indispensable and the Duro provides you exactly that in the form of 130mm drum brakes up front and at the rear.

When you consider buying a scooter that will spend much of its life in the city you need to go in for a tough and durable machine that not only offers good quality but also value for money. A 125cc engine, a top whack of 87km/h, a comfortable ride with loads of storage space and fairly good suspension and brakes at a pretty reasonably price, makes the Duro a good value for money scoot to ride around in the city.

An easy to read console makes life easy while negotiating the Indian traffic situation

The underseat storage can gobble up a full sized lid quite easily

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